What Could Happen if You Didn’t Hate Mondays?

“Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don't need to escape from.” ~Seth Godin

If you don’t like Mondays, you’re not alone. Many people experience higher levels of anxiety before they head to work at the start of the week. If that sounds like you, one reason might be that you’re in the wrong career, so you dread returning to your job.

You may not realize how much this affects every day of your week. The anxiety begins to build on Sunday and doesn’t lessen until Tuesday or Wednesday. Then when Thursday and Friday roll around, excitement and anticipation for the weekend begins. It’s a vicious cycle, and you’re never truly in the moment – always either looking forward to the future or dreading it. This situation leaves little time for enjoyment of the “now.”

That was me. In my early thirties, I worked in an executive position at a managed care company. I enjoyed  spending time with my co-workers, and I was good at my job, but the work itself left me feeling hollow inside. After striving for years and years to get to that position, how could I hate being there? I started to develop weird stress-related health issues and I was miserable. Looking back now, it seems so obvious. I was simply in the wrong career and in the wrong environment.

Are you in the wrong career? If so, realize that it doesn’t have to be that way. Everyone has bills and obligations to meet, but you can create a life and a career you love. I’m not necessarily recommending that you run out and quit your job tomorrow, but you should thoughtfully and intentionally design your future. A future that includes a career you love. [Read more...]

8 Strategies to Climbing Your Own Mount Everest

Over every mountain, there is a path, although it may not be seen from the valley. ~Theodore Roethke Quote

“Why would anyone ever want to climb Mount Everest?” I thought to myself as my class on leadership began a case study of the skills it takes to climb the highest mountain in the world. It’s dangerous, cold, and uncomfortable. It would stretch you to your absolute outer limits, and in the end, you may not succeed.

That’s when I realized, we all have our own Mount Everests to climb. While your particular “Mount Everest” may not include literally climbing the highest mountain in the world, you are likely facing a challenge or obstacle, or pushing yourself to reach a goal that may be just as ominous.

Do You Feel Like You Have a Mountain to Climb?

Pushing ourselves to reach our dreams or to overcome obstacles can feel just as overwhelming as climbing a mountain. It can be uncomfortable, stretch us to our outer limits, and it can be dangerous – at least psychologically. We make ourselves vulnerable when we reach for our dreams, and there’s always the chance that we might fail. [Read more...]

10 Ways to Create Your Own Good Luck

Good Luck is Opportunity Meeting Preparedness. ~ Deepak Chopra Quote

Some people seem to have it all: a great career, lots of friends, good health, a great marriage, and plenty of money. How did they get all that? Are they just “lucky”? How can you be “lucky” too?

While good things and bad things happen to everyone, it’s the choices we make every day that determine our ultimate reality. Chances are if you really look at the “lucky” person’s life, you may find that she received some great opportunities. But the real deciding factors are that (a) she made the most of them, and (b) she helped create those opportunities in the first place by taking the right steps to prepare herself.

You have great opportunities waiting for you too, and you can help create your own “good luck.” Here are 10 actions you can take today: [Read more...]